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stainless steel pump, beer pump, centrifugal water pump

Place of Origin China
Brand Name electric centrifugal pump
Model Number electric centrifugal pump
Min.Order Quantity One set stainless steel pump, beer pump, centrifugal water pump
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Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Product Features

  • Product Details: Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

Product Name: Sanitary Centrifugal pump
Brand: Flowtam
Material : 304(L) 316(L)
Finish: Mirror or Matt Polish; Ra

Flowtam Centrifugal pump is a sanitary centrifugal pump that meets the highest sanitary requirements for use in the food-processing and pharmaceutical,dairy,milk,bear industries. electric centrifugal water pump
Some of its uses include processes in the brewing, dairies and beverage industries in general, and with the appropriate options it can also be used in complex applications such as evaporators, concentrators, distillation towers, decanting of syrups, and purified-water loops in the pharmaceutical industry.

Design and features
1.Different Connection type: Welding; Thread; Clamp
2.Different connections standard:DIN,SMS,JIS, ISO.
electric centrifugal pump
3.Open impeller manufactured with stainless steel investment casting technology.
4.Sanitary mechanical seal.
5.Parts in contact with pumped media AISI 316L or 304
6.Pump support from AISI 304
7.Inside surface finishing Ra
8.Outside surface finishing Mirror polished

Technical Data sheet:

1.Mechanical seals in SiC/C, SiC/SiC or TgC/SiC.
2.Cooled or double mechanical seal.
3.Motors with additional protection.(movable, ABB Explosion proof).
4.Trolley and/ Switchboard with invertor

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Model (t/h) Flow (M) Head (KW) Power (mm) Inlet/Outlet Diameter
BLS-3-15-0.75 3 15 0.75 38/32
BLS-3-20-1.1 3 20 1.1 38/32
BLS-5-24-1.5 5 24 1.5 51/38
BLS-5-32-2.2 5 32 2.2 51/38
BLS-10-24-2.2 10 24 2.2 51/38
BLS-10-32-3 10 32 3 51/38
BLS-15-24-3 15 24 3 51/51
BLS-20-24-4 20 24 4 51/51
BLS-20-35-5.5 20 35 5.5 63.5/51
BLS-30-24-5.5 30 24 5.5 63.5/51
BLS-30-35-7.5 30 35 7.5 63.5/51
BLS-40-24-7.5 40 24 7.5 76/63.5
BLS-50-24-7.5 50 24 7.5 76/63.5
BLS-50-35-11 50 35 11 76/63.5
BLS-80-30-15 80 30 15 89/76
BLS-80-40-18.5 80 40 18.5 102/89
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  • Wenzhou Flowtam Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1995, located in Binhai Industrial Zone, Wenzhou City. Our main products including blending tank, stainless steel parts and components for all industries. Flowtam products could applied in food, beverage, pharmacy, chemical, cosmetic industries etc. We now export our goods to United States, Australia, Newzealand and Japan etc.
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electric centrifugal pump Particularly suited to applications including watersupply to civil,agricultural and industrial plants, Pressure boosting, Fire-fighting,heating systems and air-conditioning, stainless steel pump, beer pump, centrifugal water pump Moving industrial liquids,Irrigation, Refrigeration towers, Swimming pools, Washing plants.

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