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centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump

Place of Origin China
Brand Name electric centrifugal pump
Model Number electric centrifugal pump
Min.Order Quantity One set centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump
Price [email protected]
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 38

Product Features

Product Description

Product Application

1.Suitable liquids: clean liquid,no solid ,low viscous, noncorrosive, non-crystallizable,

chemically neutral and close to water.
2.Region:residential,commercial and light industrial.
(A) Storage Water
(B) Water Supply
(C) Transport Water
(D) Pressure Boosting
(E) Shallow Well Water Pumping(Suction 8 meter)


1. 100% copper wire, Stainless Steel or Plastic Impeller
2. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching,improving the efficiency and precision
3. Demagnetization of stainless steel nuts
4. Anti-rust treatment castings and electrophoretic process


1.Pump Body:Cast Iron
2.Front Cover: Cast Iron/Cast Iron with brass insert / Aluminum
3.Impeller: Stainless Steel/Plastic
4.Mechanical Seal:Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless Steel
5. Motor Housing: Alloy Aluminum
6.Shaft: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/High Frequency Wedding Shaft
7.Insulation: Class E
8.Cooling: External Ventilation
9.Protection: Thermal overload protector in Motor

HSM(F)250-1.75 21(L) 1HP 2" 110V/220V/60HZ/1(3) 8 0.25
HSM(F)280-1.75 21(L) 1HP 3" 110V/220V/60HZ/1(3) 8 0.41
HSM(F)250-11.5 26(L) 2HP 2" 220V/60HZ/1(3) 8 0.48
HSM(F)280-11.5 26(L) 2HP 3" 220V/60HZ/1(3) 16 0.57
HSM(F)250-12.2 26(L) 3HP 2" 220V/60HZ/1(3) 15 0.55
HSM(F)280-12.2 26(L) 3HP 3" 220V/60HZ/1(3) 22 0.65
HSM(F)280-13.7 2L(O) 5HP 3" 220V/380V/60HZ/3 28 0.8
HSM(F)2100-13.7 2L(O) 5HP 4" 220V/380V/60HZ/3 26 1.0
HSM(F)2100-15.5 2L(O) 7.5HP 4" 220V/380V/60HZ/3 23 1.4
HSM(F)2100-17.5 2L(O) 10HP 4" 220V/380V/60HZ/3 27 1.5
HSM(F)150-1.37 265 1/2HP 2" 220V/50HZ/1 6 0.2
HSM(F)250-1.75 265 1HP 2" 220V/50HZ/1 9 0.3
HSM(F)280-1.75 265 1HP 3" 220V/50HZ/1 9 0.4
HSM(F)250-11.5 265 2HP 2" 220V/50HZ/1 15 0.6
HSM(F)280-11.5 265 2HP 3" 220V/50HZ/1 13 0.7
HSM(F)250-12.2 265 3HP 2" 220V/50HZ/1 23 0.7
HSM(F)280-12.2 265 3HP 3" 220V/50HZ/1 21 0.8
HSM(F)280-13.7 2O5 5HP 3" 380/50HZ/3 27 0.9
HSM(F)2100-13.7 2O5 5HP 4" 380/50HZ/3 23 1.1
HSM(F)2100-15.5 2O5 7.5HP 4" 380/50HZ/3 21 1.4
HSM(F)2100-17.5 2O5 10HP 4" 380/50HZ/3 24 1.5
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Any question you can inquire me freely:
1.Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company
A: We are a manufacturer specialized in water pumps, we have our own trading company also.
2. Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?
A: OEM is ok, if your order quantity reach our require, we can print your own brand and make color box for you.
3. Q: What’s your MOQ of water pumps?
A: 1000 pcs each model,but it also depend on how many models you ordered.
4. Q: What is the load time?
A: In common 45-60 days working day after receive your payment
5. Q: Where is your loading port?
A: Kaohsiung port,Taiwan

Our Service

One Year Warranty
1.Inquiry and consulting support.
2.Sample testing support.
3.View our Factory.
4.High-pot testing
5.Water leakage testing
6.Performance testing.
7. Production capacity :3000 sets per month

Company Information

Yuhfu Machinery Co., Ltd. (HerChuan), a corporation brand in Taiwan, has established a great reputation in the pump service for over 35 years. After the diligent work and innovation,HerChuan has become a leader in the pump manufacture industry.

Motor Axis Proccesing

Motor Winding Wire

Motor Shell Proccesing

Motor Shell Painting

Motor Insulation Testing

Water Pump Impeller Correction

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Look to electric centrifugal pump you need for water circulation and filtration, oil extraction and chemical processing. Keep fountains, water gardens and coolant systems at your complex clear and refreshed with an epoxy-coated centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump. A self-priming, portable utility electric centrifugal pump can speed up the draining process. Increase pressure in city mains or maximize filtration operations in pond systems with a booster centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump. When electric centrifugal pump's time for a new centrifugal pump for water, sewage and chemical processing systems,centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump got you covered.
electric centrifugal pump Particularly suited to applications including watersupply to civil,agricultural and industrial plants, Pressure boosting, Fire-fighting,heating systems and air-conditioning, centrifugal type dirty water submersible electric slurry pump Moving industrial liquids,Irrigation, Refrigeration towers, Swimming pools, Washing plants.

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