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Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump

Place of Origin China
Brand Name electric centrifugal pump
Model Number electric centrifugal pump
Min.Order Quantity One set Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump
Price [email protected]
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 120

Product Features

KBZ Submersible drainage pump

The body of motor and pump is made of rigid cast iron for long-lasting durability.

Greatly increased maximum submersion depth due to mechanical seal resistant to high pressure(0.5Mpa) .
Semi-open impeller made of high chrome alloy match with wear plate (ductile iron) achieves superior durability.

Effective motor cooling due to discharge channel cast as part of the motor housing. Space economy by a top outlet.

Discharge 50mm (2") to 150mm (6"), motor 1.5Kw (2HP) to 11Kw(20HP).

Hermetically sealed motor equipped build-in thermal protection.

Specification Application

1. Capacity: up to 146 m3/h
2. Head: up to 40 meters
3. Power:1.5Kw(2HP) to 11 Kw (15HP)
4. Power supply: three phase 380 V±10%, 50Hz
5. Insulation class: F

6. Protection class: IP68

7. Cable: Length 8m
8. Water temperature: up to 40 °C

9. Max. water depth: 50m

1. Civil engineering
2. Mines,quarries,coal ore & slurries
3. Sewage treatment plants
4. General pumping purposes

5. Special features on request

Materials of Construction

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Look to electric centrifugal pump you need for water circulation and filtration, oil extraction and chemical processing. Keep fountains, water gardens and coolant systems at your complex clear and refreshed with an epoxy-coated Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump. A self-priming, portable utility electric centrifugal pump can speed up the draining process. Increase pressure in city mains or maximize filtration operations in pond systems with a booster Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump. When electric centrifugal pump's time for a new centrifugal pump for water, sewage and chemical processing systems,Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump got you covered.
electric centrifugal pump Particularly suited to applications including watersupply to civil,agricultural and industrial plants, Pressure boosting, Fire-fighting,heating systems and air-conditioning, Electric Centrifugal Sewage submersible sludge pump Moving industrial liquids,Irrigation, Refrigeration towers, Swimming pools, Washing plants.

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